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Police believe more than 400,000 people have invested in the scheme - including at least 100,000 from outside Malaysia.

Britain's Prince Harry opened his visit to Singapore by breaking fast with local Muslims on Sunday (Jun 4).

Dan Thomas, Alejandro Moreno and Craig Burley break down how Real got the best of Juve in the Champions League final.

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bitcoin btc aimbtc eth ethtrade by cyberfad ... on 2017-06-03

Executive Wealth Manager Tells CNBC: ‘Maybe the World Needs an Alternative’

Hey, it's me. How old do you think I am?

Is your relationship basically just a wholesome meme?

Your parents didn't do any of this stuff!

The president called the 2015 international agreement a "deal that punishes the United States," but added that the US will try to negotiate
news general world buzzfeed by cyberfad ... on 2017-06-01

Never be without kangaroo vagina trivia again.
general world buzz feed by cyberfad ... on 2017-06-01

ESPN FC senior writer Mark Ogden shares the latest on the Antoine Griezmann transfer links to Manchester United.
news espn manchester united by cyberfad ... on 2017-06-01

The Big Bang member and a female acquaintance in her 20s were found to have illegally smoked marijuana in his home on 3 different occasions between Oc
news kpop big bang marijuana by cyberfad ... on 2017-06-01

The FC panel debate the high-risk/high-reward scenario of playing Gareth Bale in the UCL final or benching him entirely.

Taking a walk around the city is a fun thing to do. You can see the scenery around with the good panorama and situation for your sight. You also can s
general world expensive by cyberfad ... on 2017-06-01

Paying attention to this fact, it becomes reasonable for you to be careful every time you use Facebook. First tip: don’t show certain information an
facebook hacker stalker by cyberfad ... on 2017-06-01

His age is just still young, far away from 30 years-old. Surprisingly, he is included as the richest person in United States by Forbes.
general world by cyberfad ... on 2017-06-01

RHB Bank Bhd and AMMB Holdings Bhd have requested for a suspension in the trading of their securities on Thursday
news by cyberfad ... on 2017-05-31

Their season was plagued with unrest amongst the fan base as the debate raged on: should Arsene Wenger stay or should he go?
news by cyberfad ... on 2017-05-31

KLANG: Selangor Ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah is angry and disappointed with Subang MP
news by cyberfad ... on 2017-05-30

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