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Police believe more than 400,000 people have invested in the scheme - including at least 100,000 from outside Malaysia.
news police malaysia hyip investment ... on 2017-06-06

Britain's Prince Harry opened his visit to Singapore by breaking fast with local Muslims on Sunday (Jun 4).
news princeharry muslim singapore ... on 2017-06-04

Dan Thomas, Alejandro Moreno and Craig Burley break down how Real got the best of Juve in the Champions League final.

Looking for one of the best and huge investment company? They trade, you earn! Purely passive income! Sign up Now!
bitcoin btc aimbtc eth ethtrade ... on 2017-06-03

Executive Wealth Manager Tells CNBC: ‘Maybe the World Needs an Alternative’
bitcoin bitcointalk bitcoinnews ... on 2017-06-03

Hey, it's me. How old do you think I am?

Is your relationship basically just a wholesome meme?

Your parents didn't do any of this stuff!

The president called the 2015 international agreement a "deal that punishes the United States," but added that the US will try to negotiate
news general world buzzfeed ... on 2017-06-01

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